Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taken December 18, 2010 at our house party. My brother is carrying on my sons legacy of lighting illegal fireworks on special occasions and looks like Trevor is laughing his ass off while trying to get out of the way before the works start shooting out of the stick! HaHa Trevor, Love you Boy!

Taken December 18, 2010. Just a moment before lighting yet another firestick! So many family spirits wanting to get in on the fun!

Taken December 18, 2010. Some spirit energy Ha?

Taken on December 18, 2010. Ahhh... My beautiful son Trevor, Love you baby!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Taken December 13, 2010. This smaller orb is my mom, she and Trev are hanging out together for the holidays! Love you mom!

Taken December 14, 2010. Wow this is so cool, this is something I haven't seen before and the cat sure see's it.It looks like a mini bolt of lightening...

Taken December 14, 2010. Before I took this picture I asked our son to get close to his dad, and he did you can see his orb on the right just above my husbands shoulder. We love you Trevor!

Taken on December 14, 2010. There is an orb right on my little angel statue!

Taken on December 15, 2010. I had just returned from seeing the movie " Hereafter " and had told my husband about it and felt like taking a few pics to see if anyone was about, and well, I got a standing ovation! I think all were pleased Laura, Amber and I went to see that movie!
(doesn't my husband look like a deer in the headlights)... love him

Taken December 15, 2010. Here is more spirit essence and if you blow up pic a little you will see a white form behind tree trunk on the left.
Taken December 13, 2010. I finally put up a tree today and I felt my son was here admiring it so I took a picture and yes there he is! Merry Christmas Trevor, I love you!

Taken December 5, 2010 from our front porch.Our dog Buster sees this spirit which is my son. If you look closely you can see my sons profile on the right, his eye, nose, chin and cheek.

Taken December 5, 2010.Trevor and his Grandma Paula, out having a good time!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Taken on December 4, 2010 at Trevs BFF Tonys house. Notice the 2 orbs.

Taken December 12, 2010. Wow, some orbs that visit are really big!

Taken December 12, 2010. This very large orb manifested itself on our neighbors roof next to thier satelite dish, we had thought the nite before the dish was an orb but quickly saw it was just a trick on the eyes, I wonder if this entity is playing games with us? LOL

Taken December 12, 2010. So many spirits here visiting! I love it!
Taken on Thanksgiving evening, notice the 2 orbs.
Taken on Thanksgiving evening at Aunt Marys, notice the orb above Uncle Brads shoulder. 
Taken on Thanksgiving evening outside at Aunt Marys house, notice the orb over Busters tail.
At my brothers house the weekend before Thanksgiving, late at nite.This is the very first time my son manifested for me in his spirit essence,it took my breath away!
Taken the weekend before Thanksgiving at my brothers house late in the evening.

Taken on November 24, 2010 in our living room in the evening. Notice the orbs on pictures and above the armoire.

Taken on November 24, 2010 in our front yard.
Taken on December 7, 2010 in our living room in the daytime. Notice at the arm of the sofa there is a tiny little electrical charge entity (looks like a white thread) and to the lower left in this photo the edge of a blanket being lifted up and 3 little electrical charges shooting out from it. On our dog Buster there is a tiny fairy just above his eye on the right side. I noticed that when I zoom in on this photo I can see these energies perfectly!
Taken December 8, 2010 in our living room in the daytime. Notice four small orbs and a fairy just above the righthand side of the armoire...

Taken on December 9, 2010 in our front yard. This is the same orb as in my header on this blog, it had moved to the left in this picture.
Taken December 9, 2010 in our front yard, you can see multiple orbs visiting us here!
Taken on December 7, 2010. I had just asked my son to manifest so I could take his picture,and he did!