Monday, February 28, 2011

These pictures were taken at my brothers home at a dinner engagement.I always ask my son Trevor to join for a minute if he can, and he did! The 2 pictures were taken in succession, 1st is his awesome spirit essence and second him in his traveling form as an orb!

Taken the same evening, this spirit is all over my brother as if giving him a hug!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Taken February 18, 2011 out in the front yard.I always talk to my son and he surprised me with a visit.You can see his spirit essence in the next 2 pictures,how do I know? I am his mom!

Looks like the bright little orb (to the left in this picture) wants to play with Buster!
Taken in our front yard February 17, 2011.I love all the spirits that come to visit even the very tiny, they are all so special! (tiny orb to left under the eave).

Hide and seek is what this orb seems to be playing. (look at the upper part of the tree) I see you!

Right up close on the fence and a tiny one just above the garden bench, both a little bright.

Once in awhile I will get a visit by a super bright orb, are they angels or our spirit guides, fairies, or what? I will find out someday!
Taken in our front yard on February 15, 2011.Lotsa orbs in all sizes!

More spirit essence (to the left in this picture). I believe it is Trevor as I asked him to manifest just for a moment...I was missing him AGAIN!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I almost didn't post this picture...but look at it anyway (carefully) LOL Behind my husband to the right is a very large orb that is translucent almost undetectable but it definitely is a large sphere! I thought this picture was great because I have not ever got an orb in the daytime in my photos...
Our 23rd Anniversary on February 12, 2011.We had a wonderful day of hiking with our dog and an evening dinner at a local Italian restaraunt... These pictures were taken on our arrival home that evening.

A big beautiful orb on my berry wreath, and a sweet tiny orb on the bear statue in the foreground!

Two very bright orbs, both are located just above two different pictures of our son Trevor! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

These pics were taken at my moms home on SuperBowl Sunday 2011! Felt like Trevor and Mom were with us too...

My brother on the right and his friend on the left, notice the orb on my brothers black shirt it's like this spirit (my mom would do this!) wanted to give him a logo on his shirt too! They do have a sense of humour too!

 My Husband Clay, Trevors dad on the couch,notice the orb to left on the window!

Me and all my sisters, notice the orb to the left on the rangehood! Gotta be mom!

If you look at the dining room window to the left you will see a light golden form, this is not a trick of the sun as it is right outside the window, behind the window trim itself!

In this picture to the right of my brothers shoulder there is a white form in a V formation...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taken in December at my moms home, she passed over in September 2010. My sister and sis-in-law both here puffing away and my mom to the right in this pic as a curved beam of light energy. I believe she is telling them to quit that damn smokin"... LOL

This picture taken Feb.1, 2011 inside our home, I was outside for a few minutes to take my nightly pics but it was really cold so came inside the house and snapped this pic in our living room... maybe these spirits were too cold as well... LOL